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Business Spotlight – July/August 2010 – Stelos Allliance

15 Jul

Our current Business Spotlight is on a non-profit organization called Stelos Alliance. Please support this charitable organization which is doing positive things for our community.

Stelos Alliance Logo

What is the Stelos Alliance?

The Stelos Alliance is comprised of scholarship organizations with the mission of helping extraordinary student leaders reach their potential. The story of the Stelos Alliance is a tale of two Bills. Bill Hogue and Bill Poston were good friends at Texas State in the mid-1980s. The two friends were alike in many ways. They were both very active on campus as officers in Student Foundation, popular Orientation Assistants, and leaders in their respective fraternities. Hogue was a Cheerleader, a KA, and teacher at the Catholic Student Center. Poston was the president of Phi Delta Theta and a proud Bobcat. Both Bills loved the University and served it well during their time on campus.

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