Business Spotlight Feb 2011 – Texas Design to Order

01 Feb

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Our Business Spotlight features a local company called Texas Design to Order, operated by Bonnie Condel.

Bonnie says…

If you’re ready, I’m here to maximize your time and space without breaking your bank.

Why use me instead of doing it yourself? Good organization takes experience and I’ve been doing this for 22 years so I have a crate full of ideas to pull from.

Experience tells you:

  1. Whether to put something in a drawer, cabinet or in the open
  2. What size, depth of container works best for specific items
  3. How to maintain flexibility while customizing for an individual person or need
  4. How to categorize to make finding items easier
  5. What type of shelving is appropriate for the job, based on look and budget
  6. Where to get the appropriate shelving for the least money
  7. Where custom shelving or gadgets are most effective
  8. Where unexpectedly useful spaces are
  9. Where to find space for extremely large or bulky items
  10. How best to use odd corners and locations
  11. Creative ways to use spaces so they fit individual needs
  12. What is just a “cute” gadget and what is really helpful

Scared to tackle your job? No space or “pile of stuff” intimidates me. I relish a challenge and seeing a well utilized space!

Let me help you maximize your storage space and increase accessibility and visibility while staying within your budget.


Bonnie Condel, Designer/Organizer at 210-913-9707

For more information, please visit their website at

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